Philips Vintage Fabrik Lampe

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  • Hello, we're selling an old Philips industrial lamp.
    The lamp was originally equipped with a 400W discharge lamp.

    We prepared this and converted it electrically so that normal, commercially available light sources can be installed.
    The lamp currently has an E 40 base and a cable for ceiling mounting.

    Optionally, we mount a replica of the original light source, which is really economical with 11W LED (warm white).
    The light is then slightly golden and has the desired “vintage” look, as can be seen in the pictures.

    - Surcharge for the LED: € 43.10 (net) + 16% VAT = € 50

    On request, we can also deliver the lamp as a version with a normal Schuko plug.

  • We do not guarantee the durability of used devices.